Custom-built models to help you operate more efficiently

We'll custom-build and maintain your company's operating model, entirely hands-free for you and all for one fixed monthly price.

How it works

A process designed to maximize simplicity and ease.


Initial meeting and information gathering

Introductory meeting with our team to discuss your company, current financial practices, and goals. We'll then work with you and/or your team to gather all the information & data we'll need for your custom financial model buildout.

We custom-build your financial model

We take all information gathered and build it into your entirely custom, 3-statement financial model. We'll work collaboratively with you to make sure the model meets all of your needs and is set up to be as insightful as possible.

Hands-free monthly rollforward

Each month, we'll gather your company's updated data and incorporate it into a new, fully up-to-date version of the model. We'll deliver it to you along with strategic commentary & actionable insights.

Why should I work with ModelPilot?

No matter your financial goals, we're here to support you.

Increased visibility and insights

Plan for the future with a powerful tool that serves as your company's blueprint.

Enhanced performance tracking

Consistent, real-time review of your company's performance, business metrics and KPIs.

Set goals and hold yourself accountable

Set tactical goals and unlock the power to run variance analyses against those goals.

See what our clients are saying

  • "The operating model ModelPilot prepared for us has been a game changer. We've always had solid accounting practices in place, but we've never utilized a strategic forward-looking financial tool. We can now plan for the future much more strategically."

    CEO, Manufacturing Company

  • "As a fast-growing CPG brand, managing cash flow is always top-of-mind. We're constantly reinvesting into inventory and working capital, which can make things challenging. Our new financial model has easily become the #1 best tool we've ever had to manage our cash flow."

    CEO, Consumer Brand

  • "We rely on ModelPilot to build and maintain the operating models for all of our portfolio companies. They always do a great job and get them up and running quickly. In many cases, they've even saved us from having to hire a CFO at the portfolio company level. Very satisfied customer!"

    Partner, Private Equity Firm

ModelPilot versus Alternative Solutions

Our Operating Model Plans

Let's get your financial model up and running! Choose a plan that works for you and we'll get your pain-free onboarding process started.


No long-term contracts. Pause or cancel anytime.


Plus one-time setup fee of $2,495

  • Billed monthly

  • Full 3-statement functionality

  • Custom structure and outputs

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Access to our full team of experts

  • Easy credit card payments

  • Simple signup and onboarding


Save 10% on monthly fee plus $500 off initial setup fee.


Plus one-time setup fee of $1,995

  • Billed quarterly

  • Full 3-statement functionality

  • Custom structure and outputs

  • Quick turnaround times

  • Access to our full team of experts

  • Easy credit card payments

  • Simple signup and onboarding

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of information are included in your financial models?

Our models have full 3-statement functionality, including interlinked tabs for your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. We also generally include a handful of separate tabs/schedules, such as a detailed revenue build, operating expense detail, an equipment/capital expenditures schedule (if relevant), a debt schedule (if relevant), and a tax expense schedule (if relevant). These tabs may vary from company to company, and your specific financial model may include additional tabs not listed above.

What are your typical turnaround times?

We generally target a turnaround time of 3-5 business days for most financial model buildouts, but this can vary from time to time depending on each model's complexity and our internal capacity.

Who's building the financial models? Do you use overseas labor?

All models are built by our in-house team of finance experts based in the United States. Most of our professionals have backgrounds in investment banking, private equity, and/or corporate finance and have extensive experience building financial models from the ground up. 

You're in great hands - trust us!

What program do you build your financial models in?

We build all of our financial models in Microsoft Excel. In most cases, they can be seamlessly imported to Google Sheets if you prefer that platform. 

Will I be able to get the Excel version of my financial model?

Yes, we always provide clients with the full Excel, as well as any other external files we may have used in our creation of the financial model. We want our service to be as functional and user-friendly as possible!

I already have a financial model but just want you to update it. Will that work?

Absolutely! This isn't at all uncommon for us and we're more than happy to work under this structure. Under this type of scenario, we're often able to discount our pricing assuming your preexisting financial model is in good shape and doesn't require too much additional modification. Just send us a message and we're happy to talk it through with you!

What are my alternative options if I don't use ModelPilot?

Alternative options include (1) hiring a full-time finance person in-house that's capable of building and maintaining your financial model on an ongoing basis, or (2) hiring an external finance freelancer or consultant that hopefully has the necessary financial modeling skills and know-how. We feel that, for most companies, we're a much better option than each of these alternatives, but we'll let you make the call!

What if I need additional financial services in addition to a financial model?

We'd be happy to discuss that! From time to time, we do have clients reach out looking for additional finance support, ranging from outsourced or fractional CFO services, to more in-depth FP&A support, to capital raising and/or M&A advisory. We're equipped to provide those types of services as well, and would be happy to discuss these types of things on a case-by-case basis. Just shoot us an email!

What are the requirements to work with you?

The only requirement is that you're able to provide us with proper financial statements, generally from your accountant, to serve as the starting inputs to our financial model. We need to be starting with sound financial information to ensure the financial model is as valuable and insightful as possible. If a company does not have solid accounting in place, you risk ending up in a "garbage in, garbage out" type of scenario with your financial model.

Other Questions? Shoot us a message below!

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